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Vinyl Wall Expressions



What is vinyl 


Vinyl lettering is the latest trend in home decor!

Vinyl creatively transforms your favorite quotes, scriptures, thoughts, and sayings into wall art that looks professionally hand-painted and applied without the time, cost, and mess. The pr-spaced, one-time-use letters and images, cut to perfection through computer technology, press onto any smooth & low textured surfaces. Which will stay

there until easily removed. To remove just place hair dryer over your design pull and peel off. It's that easy!

Determining Size:

When you look at Vinyl Wall Expression Decals the first question that comes to your mind is "Where will I put it?" So you look around your home and see blank canvases of wall space. Many people choose to put our removable wall expressions over doorways, or over furniture like a couch, or a bed or dining room table. The possibilities are endless. After selecting a vinyl wall decal from Kelly's Custom Vinyl Lettering & Art, the next question you ask yourself is "What size do I need?" There are usually 2 or 4 sizes available in most of our vinyl wall expression decals. That can get very confusing to people, so I have designed some illustrations to help you out. Below is a photo of a wall with a vinyl expression on it from Kelly's Custom Vinyl Lettering & Art.


The vinyl wall expression measures 40 inches wide by 12 inches tall. The rectangle around the wall expression would not actually be there after you have installed your piece, I have just created it as a visual illustration of what you will be getting in size.The 40 inches represents how wide the expression will be at it's very widest part. Not all of the wording will be 40" wide, only at the widest edge. The same goes for the height. Most of the expressions in this case are not 12 inches tall, but with the bible verse reference at the bottom, it makes the total

measurement come out to 12 inches tall.‚Äč 


For the BEST results we HIGHLY recommend using a Low Gloss, Satin Finish, Egg Shell, or Matt Paint to your walls prior to applying your decal.Freshly painted walls, wood & metals should be dry for at least 72 hours prior to applying your vinyl graphics or lettering.Textured walls are fine as long as they are NOT High or Medium Textured.We will be happy to provide you with a FREE SAMPLE prior to purchase for you to try.


Prices subject to change

depending on complexity of the job


(.10 per sq. inch)

1. We take the size of the decal and multiply the width and the length together. 12" x 24"

2. For example: Multiply 12 x 24 = 288. sq inches

3. Take 288 multiplied by .10 = $28.80

4. Additional Colors Added (.25 per sq. inch)

For example $28.80 multiplied by .25 = $7.20

We would charge you $36.00 for your 2-color custom wall expression decal. 


Add 25% to the cost

~Mirrored Chrome


~Metallic Copper

~Metallic Silver

~Metallic Gold





.20 per sq. inch

1. We take the size of the decal and multiply the width and the length together. 12" x 24"

2. For example: Multiply 12 x 24 = 288.

3. Take 288 multiplied by .20 = $57.60


Please refer to graphics/decal price guide located on the lower left side of your P.C. We have many categories of graphics available. If you don't see something, please contact

***Some Expressions may come in sections ***

Custom Widths & Lengths


Max. Width: 1" - 30" H             Length: Optional


Because your expression is a specialty item, all "CUSTOM"

 expression orders will be verified with colored e-mail proofs. You 

will be sent two proofs to compare. You pick which one you like 

best. Minor changes will be at no additional charge. Major 

changes and/or new proofs will be subject to an additional 

charge of $20.00 for two more proofs. Your order will not be 

processed until the final proof is OK'd.

This way you know, and I know, you will

like your expression!


Opps! What if I mess up when I install my vinyl wall art?

Vinyl installation is not difficult, but mistakes do happen. If you 

damage your expression when installing it, please contact us for 

a replacement. We will replace accidentally damaged items for 

1/2 the listed price you perchased it for. Customer pays for all 

shipping cost.