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$14.00-$19.99 ea.

Kelly's Custom Vinyl Lettering & Art specializes in hand-crafted gifts of all types, from one-of-a-kind showroom pieces to multiple pieces for wedding receptions, wine tasting s, reunions, anniversaries or other special occasions. 

Every piece is guaranteed to be an original work of art as each is carefully created by hand and thus always subject to unique qualities. Rest assured, your multi-piece project will be beautifully consistent, while at the same time wonderfully unique for every single recipient.


Hand Washing is Recommended

Custom Your Lettering, Embellishments

& Colors

oct 10 2012 014

Brides Custom Wine Glass



Name Of Bride


$13.99 ea.

oct 10 2012 011

Bridesmaids Custom Wine Glass





$13.99 ea.

Various sizes and styles of glassware available


Hand Washing Only

Small- Glitter on stemware $9.99 ea.

Large- Glitter on stemware $14.99 ea.

Glitter & Rhinestones $17.99 ea.

Etching, Glitter & Rhinestones $19.99 ea.

Lot's of glitter colors to choose from.


etched wine glasses

Etched designs on glass are ideal for most types of glass, including installed windows, doors, glass table tops, glass patio doors, mirrors, candle votive' s, flower vases & beverage glasses. These designs add beauty, and provide the opportunity to dramatically enhance the elegance of a home, business, or as a gift, all with the unmistakable look and feel of etched glass.

What's the difference between Etched Vinyl &

Etched Glass?



Etched vinyl is a 2-3 mil thick durable adhesive backed interior/exterior quality sign vinyl with the look of etched glass which can be applied to any glass or mirror by the average homeowner. It is not a static cling decal. It can be used indoors or outdoors, however, indoor application is recommended for longer durability. It is extremely resistant to fading or discoloring. It is removable but cannot be reapplied. Clean the etched look vinyl with vinegar and water.






Unlike removable etched look vinyl, etched glass is hand painted on and is permanent. It is perfect for today’s glass decorative needs to add a bit of elegance such as custom wedding glasses, beer mugs, candle votives and vases. These will add more of a little personal touch for all your friends and loved ones. Comes ONLY in frosted white.

Custom orders may take up to 2 weeks

Prices may vary depending on glassware design/detail

(i.e. twisted stem on glasses)

If WE provide glassware

$12 - $20 ea.

If YOU provide glassware

$8.50 - $15 ea.

Lettering Available

(other lettering available inquire within)

•  We can design a etched decal to your specifications.

•  You can mix or match designs and add your own name or text to make a unique mirror or window.

•  You provide the design preferences and we will lay it out and email for your approval.

•  The etched decals are priced according to design and size, we will quote you a price after 

    receiving your design request.

•   We will then cut the decal and ship to you to apply to your mirror or window.

•   We have many logos to choose from wildlife, liquor, etc.,

•   Call or email us with your ideas and we will work with you to create your own custom etched look bar mirror for 

     your home,business or as a great gift idea.

How Your Glassware Can Be Etched:

Each glass can be etched with a logo/image of your choice (as long as I can etch the image). The glassware can also be personalized with a person's name or monogram in just about any font style that you want.

Placing An Order:

(I can E-mail you photos of glass samples we have available)

2. Quantity required

3. Font/Lettering

What I Need Before Starting Your Order:

1. 100% due to the fact this will be a custom order.

Payment should be sent to Kelly's Custom Vinyl

Lettering & Art.

Size Of Etch:

The size of the etch will be dependent upon the glass, and what is to be etched. I can etch a larger image on a round straight sided glass, then one that has a double curve to it - to illustrate this, try wrapping a piece of paper around a wine glass.The type of font is somewhat determined by the size it is to be etched. I can etch any windows true type font, but the size has to be large enough that any fine lines are wide enough to etch.

Wine Charms

Seriously? Can people really not remember which glass belongs to whom? You know what my wine charm is? It's the lipstick stain I leave on my glass. With my pre-made or custom wine charms it leaves out the guess work.


$3.50 ea.

Various styles & themes available upon request

Above prices may vary due to what charm you decide choose


All colors available

Tell us your color combinations

*Not Dishwasher Safe

*For Ornamental Use Only  

Birthday Parties and Gifts, Graduation Parties and Gifts, Christmas Gifts and Holiday Gatherings, Stocking Stuffers, Hanukkah, New Year's, Bridal Showers, Attendants Gifts, Weddings or Engagements, Anniversary Parties, Sporting Events, Wine Tastings, Housewarming Gifts, Hostess Gifts, Promotional Ideas, Fundraising Events, Party Favors, Thank You Gifts, All Celebrations.