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Our 6- year adhesive vinyl decals

are waterproof and custom to meet your taste. Add flare 

and style to your boat at a fraction of the cost.

Boat Registration Numbers:

Ordering Boat ID Registration Numbers

Has Never Been Easier! All vinyl boat numbers should comply with Federal Requirements meaning they have to be at least 3 inches in height or larger and are supposed to be in block letters and #'s. All boat numbers are produced with self-adhesive 6-year vinyl that comes pre-spaced, masked, and ready to apply. All boat registration numbers start at the required 3 inch height and come in matching pairs for each side of the boat.

Please email us at [email protected]

(or fill out payment information form with the

following information, located on the left side of your screen:

1) Font/Lettering

2) Style of lettering (I.E. shadow,outline)

3) Font/Lettering Colors

4) Exact numbers your want on your boat/watercraft

5) Email Address to send the artwork for your approval.


Because your boat decal is a specialty item, all "CUSTOM" orders will be verified with a colored e-mail proof. You will be sent two proofs to compare. You pick which one you like best. Minor changes will be at no additional charge. New proofs or major changes will be subject to an additional charge of $12.00 for two more proofs. Your order will not be processed until the final proof is OK'd.



Each set of boat registration numbers measure 

 3"- 4" Tall & 15" - 22" in Length. Depending on 

font/lettering you choose.


1 Pair 1- Color


Boat Reg. decal

1-Color White


1 Pair 2-Color


boat decal

Red Shadowed To The RIght


*1 Pair 2-Color


JUNE & JULY 2010 006

Black Shadow Outlined W/ Grey Metallic Silver


*1 Pair 2-Color


Red Outlined W/ White

(lt. blue outline will be the color of your watercraft)

Yellow Outlined W/ Lt. Grey

(white outline will be the color of your watercraft)


*1 Pair 3-Color


Black Shadow Outlined W/ Grey Metallic Silver

~*Metallic Vinyls Add $5.99 per set

   Available Colors: Chrome, Silver, Gold & Copper


lettering styles

Many other possibilities if you do

not see it here.


Please email us at [email protected]

for your FREE quote.

1) Font/Lettering

2) Style of lettering (I.E. shadow,outline)

3) Font/Lettering Colors

4) Name you want on your boat.

5) Graphics you may want on your watercraft.(NOTE: If you have any send a jpeg to my email.)

6) Email Address to send the artwork for your approval.

How To Apply Vinyl Boat ID Numbers

Applying Vinyl Boat ID Numbers Is Very Easy!

(Even for someone that has had no experience putting them on!) We always send complete and easy to understand instructions with every order.

On what surfaces can I apply vinyl letters and decals?

Vinyl letters & decals can be applied to most surfaces that is smooth, nonporous, and wax-free.

Will it hurt my boat to put vinyl letters or numbers on it?

Putting vinyl on the surface of your boat or on the windows will not damage it. Before applying your decals, make sure that the area is clean and wax-free. This will ensure that the vinyl adheres well and will have a longer life.

How do remove old Boat ID Numbers?

Removing boat numbers is a tedious process. There is no set way to do it. Here are few pointers. Don't use sharp or hard objects to scrape letters off. This will scratch the surface. Vinyl is brittle in cold weather. It is better to wait for warm weather so that the vinyl will not break off in tiny pieces. It seems to work better, when removing vinyl, if you pull the vinyl SLOWLY and perpendicular to the surface. It is more likely to come off in one piece this way. You can also use a heat gun or hair dryer to assist in the vinyl removal, but special care must be taken not to over heat the area. A heat gun can cause paint to melt and bubble if held in one place too long.