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Vinyl Decal Tips & Tricks

Vinyl Wall Decals

I'm afraid I'll make a mistake transferring the vinyl to my wall ... 

Our wall decals are easy to apply and there removable. Yes! removable, how great is that? You will receive a free practice letter with your purchase to practice before hand. It's very important to us that you feel confident about your choice both before and after you order from us. If your product has been damaged during installation, a replacement can be ordered at a discount rate.

You can also e-mail us at kellyjonesi@kellysvinylwallart.

What is the difference between stickers,labels & decals?

What is the difference between stickers,labels & decals?
Well...I'm glad you asked we get that question a lot. Well, it’s pretty simple, but can get a little confusing at times. We’re all familiar with the three types of stickies: Decals, Labels and Stickers. We’re pretty comfortable knowing what a label is, but there’s no real difference between a decal and a sticker, right? Wrong. Actually, those terms shouldn’t really be interchangeable. Pulling straight out of the dictionary: