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KELLY'S CUSTOM   - Vinyl  Lettering  &  Art

Do you want to make extra $$$ at your storefront, bar or business selling our items on consignment?

Kelly's Custom Vinyl Lettering & Art now offers you this great opportunity! You will receive 25% - 30% of the profits. We will work with you to get the perfect fit for your store!   

Our products on our website we offer you, you will find are very tasteful, high quality and reasonably priced. All items we offer here at Kelly's Custom Vinyl Lettering & Art comes with great pride, craftsmanship and the best quality we can offer to our customers. Custom orders welcome!

 Why should you give us a chance?

1. We offer "hand made" unique items.
2. We run our business out of our home to keep our prices   down which in return are passed on to you.
3. We rely on word of mouth and repeat customers to              promote our business, not expensive advertising.

4. Mix and match items, styles & colors


You will receive 25% -30% off  (what we sell our items for on our website.) Custom orders welcome! 

Want to make more $$$ mark our items up and you keep the profit. It's that easy!

How do I start?
Fill out form below and Kelly will set up a consultation to find the perfect fit for your storefront.


      ~ Apparel mix and match apparel styles, colors &                      designs (1-2 color logos with full front or full back)
         25% off Matt, Glitter, Rhinestone & Mixed Media 
      ~ Vehicle Decals 
         30% off (1-Color)
         25% off (2-Colors)

      ~ Removable Wall Expression Decals 
         30% off (1-Color)
         25% off (2-Colors)

      ~ Plaques/Tile Expressions  
         30% off (1-Color)
         25% off (2-Colors)



(based off of subtotals)

To inquire about consignment items please fill out & submit the below form. Thank You! Kelly's Custom Vinyl Lettering & Art
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What products off our website are you interested in?


I would love to meet with you to go over our
pr-selected designs located on our website of our most popular items or custom items unique to your store.

We can work with you to get the perfect fit for your store!